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Derick Kulibaba

As a qualified and accredited international boxing trainer (NCCP Level 5 coach) and Golden Gloves champion, Derick has spent more than 40 years in the sport.  Both as a coach and manager, Derick Kulibaba has trained and brought athletes to all the major tournaments such as the Olympic Games, the World Championships, The Francophonie Games, the Commonwealth Games, as well as the PanAm Games.  On a more local level, Derick was the founder of Titans Boxing club and ran it for the better part of 35 years. Titans Boxing club did not only create regional, provincial, Golden Gloves and National Champions but also helped the community create a home away from home for our youth.


Diego Kulibaba


As a competitive boxer, Diego fought many of today's aspiring professionals where he fought at both the provincial and national levels.  As a Golden Glove champion, he was often called upon to demonstrate the skills he possesses to many of the up and coming athletes coming into the gym. His footwork and agility has a special place in a sport that relies essentially on this skill set to be able to glide and float in the ring. 

Aside from his competitive experience, Diego was often sought after for personal training and pedagogue approach, while maintaining the focus on the task at hand, which essentially was to be able to offer top-notch workouts, filled with variety and maximum efforts.

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